At Suncity Motorcycles you can rest easy knowing your bike is serviced by our highly qualified and experienced mechanics providing quality, personalised service every time. 

Our service staff take pride in each bike and service it as if it were their own. We use only genuine quality parts when servicing vehicles to ensure the best performance for your bike. 

Our fully staffed workshop caters for general repairs on any make and model. 

We recommend your bike’s first service is completed one month from the original purchase date.

Service intervals should be reflective of the use and riding frequency of your bike. 

To help protect your warranty, we advise that all bikes need to be run in from the original date of purchase, which is approximately three tank fills. 

During the running in process, excessive acceleration and heavy braking should be avoided. Not correctly running your bike in within this time frame can seriously affect the performance, reliability and warranty of your bike. 

Contact us today, to book your bike in for a service, and get you back on the road in no time.